Gaveena’s answers

What does Gaveena mean?
Gaveena (in italian Gavina) is one of the most typical sardinian name for women. We chose this name to identify the main feature of our travel proposals which is the contact and interaction with local people living in Sardinia.
How can I contact Gaveena?
If you need information about our packages or simply wish get in contact with us for any other issue, please fill the form at our contact page.
If you are enjoying a trip in Sardinia booked through us, you can contact our local suppliers or use our emergency phone number; all needed contacts are mentioned in your travel documents.
If you wish to join our team, please have a look at this page:
What happens when I send a booking request?
When you fill up the booking form and send us your request, you accept our privacy policy as well as our terms and conditions.
Upon receiving your booking request, Gaveena’s staff will either send you a customized preliminary quotation for the requested services or get in contact with you in case more information are needed.

If you like our proposal and you accept it, you will be asked to pay a deposit (or full settlement if booking is made less than 45 days before departure).

Please note that most of our packages are on individual basis, consequently the services are to be considered on request until written confirmation is received from us.
If requested services are not available and you don’t accept the alternative we propose, you will receive a full refund of paid amount.
When do I have to pay?
Upon booking a 25% deposit is requested; remaining 75% of the amount is to be paid 45 days before departure. In case of bookings made less than 45 days before departure, full payment of the amount is to be made upon booking.
Please note that for some packages and/or single services payment schedule may be different up to terms and conditions applied by our suppliers; in any case full details about payments are mentioned into the quotation and booking confirmation.
Which payment methods are available?
We accept bank transfers, credit card (Visa or Mastercard) and Paypal.
Apart from fees related to payments, do you charge service any other service fee?
No, we don’t.
Why am I not able to pay on the spot?
The payment of the bookings have to be done beforehand so that suppliers can plan their activity relying on guaranteed bookings.
What should I do if I am not able to participate in a package or excursion already booked?
If you cannot participate in a package or cannot enjoy one of more services included in it, you have to cancel the service(s) by sending us a written communication via email. Please refer to terms and conditions to view details about our cancellation and refund policy. Some packages may have specific conditions and/or cancellation fees which are highlighted in your booking confirmation.
Who do I contact in case of problems or doubts during my holiday?
If during your holiday something goes wrong or if you have doubts about services included in your package, you can always contact our local suppliers or use our emergency phone number; all needed contacts are mentioned in your travel documents.
How are my personal details handled?
Gaveena does not use cookies nor any other user tracking tool; your personal data are handled following the terms stated by EU General Data Protection Regulation.
Are the proposed excursions/activities private or done with other participants?
Generally the activities and excursions proposed in our packages are run with other participants; in any case we focus on small groups, so usually the max amount of people joining the excursions is between 8 and 12 participants. Considering the features of our programs and the approach of our suppliers in some case you and your travel companions may be the only participants.
Is it possible to request a private excursion or to create a tailor made program?
Of course! The most of our tour packages can be proposed on private basis and mixed up following your wishes. So just send us your ideas and we’ll be happy to create your customized travel experience in Sardinia.
Is there a minimum number of participants needed to confirm packages?
Usually the minimum is between 2 and 4 adults, in the details of each package it is mentioned the minimum needed to confirm the booking. If you are not able to meet the needed minimum, it is always possible to request a private arrangement.
Do I need a car?
The most of activities proposed in our packages offer the possibility to have a pick-up at your accommodation, for some of them the transfer service is included in the rate while for others a supplement is to be applied. In any case, if you wish to enjoy Sardinia at its best, we warmly suggest you to rent a car.
We know there’s a bunch of good car rental suppliers on the web, so feel free to find the best deals; if you wish you may also have a look at the offers proposed by our partner . Please note that car rental contract is between you and the chosen supplier and it is not under our responsibility.
How can I get in contact with local hosts and suppliers?
Full contact details will be included in your travel documents.