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Poetto: the long beach of Cagliari

By Gaveena & Giusi Carai | 09 Jan 2018
Poetto: the long beach of Cagliari
If you’re planning a break in Mediterranean don’t miss the chance to fly to Cagliari to visit the surprising capital of Sardinia and to enjoy some sunny relax at Poetto beach. The longest city beach in whole Europe is a funky venue where to add some inspiring feelings to your dive into the world of food.

Follow the colours of Poetto and discover the beach side of a fancy vibrant city.

Green – to get fit

With its 8 kilometers length and a privileged location few miles from the city centre, Poetto Beach is the ideal location for your fitness session. The seaside is pleasantly adorned with exotic trees and a brand new cycling path to make you forget that you are in the biggest city of Sardinia. Whether you choose to go there in the morning or during a nature-painted sunset you will be delighted by the stunning scenery.

Rainbow – The colours of Happy hour in front of the beach

Fancy a special end for your day in Cagliari? Join the dozens of kiosks and clubs in Poetto for a drink and feel the scents of the sea in the warm summer nights. Whether you like Karaoke or listen to good live music you are in the right place. In fact, Cagliari is one of the most vibrant city in Italy and an cool stage for interesting indie music. Fond with rum or craft beer, vegan or omnivore, don’t lose the chance of giving your expo experience the chance of an authentic sardinian-style happy hour!

Orange – sea urchins on the way

Eating fresh sea urchins is a fancy habit during winter months for people living in Cagliari; it’s a delicious gift of the sea and a delicious street food, so there’s no need to go to restaurants. From November to April best sea urchins are the ones caught by the wise fishermen in the Poetto Beach. Enjoy them in one of the several kiosks in the beach and feel into your mouth the taste of the salted sea you are looking at. Plus, remember these guys are among the best experts in cooking sea urchins, so take it slowly and ask them for their personal recipes. Priceless!

Pink – follow it and meet flamingos

The area of Poetto has an incredibly rich ecosystem. Do you know that nearby there is the favourite oasis for Flamingos nesting in Europe? You can see them laying down on the beach or curiously walking around, just look carefully in the direction of Molentargius pond natural reserve. If the light at sunset has shades of pink it is not just because the sun is playing with the sea but maybe flocks of flamingos are saying goodbye to reach warmer latitudes, until next season obviously.

Blue – Swim into fifty (and more) shades of blue

Despite the presence of many bathing establishments this is a public beach. Its water is clear and blue; perfect for kids safety and if you want to walk bathing your feet. Go for a swim and turn your eyes to watch the sun setting down the Devil seddle, the massive green headland watching the beach. How can you miss it?

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Poetto: the long beach of Cagliari
Poetto: the long beach of Cagliari

Enjoy all the tones of blue in the cristal waters surrounding Sant'Elia cape, at the edge of Poetto beach in Cagliari Sardinia - © Cristiano Cani

A fantastic aerial view of Poetto, the city beach pf Cagliari, Sardinia, appointed official seaside venue of Expo 2015 - © Aurelio Candido

Keep your eyes wide open, in the pond surrounding Poetto beach in Cagliari, it's easy to meet pink flamingoes and several other birds - © Stefano Sassu

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